Started on 1st December, 2020 by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Duare Sarkar is an initiative of the Government of West Bengal, for delivery of services and welfare schemes at the doorsteps of the people through outreach camps. These camps are organized at the level of gram panchayat and municipal ward level. These camps act as service providers of specific services and nodes for issuance and collection of applications for welfare schemes.
Paray Samadhan – a community component of the Duare Sarkar campaign - conceptualized to respond to the numerous petitions and applications received from citizens seeking solutions to small local problems due to gaps in infrastructure, supply and services and manpower in public institutions. Through Paray Samadhan, the Government seeks to address neighborhood needs through small interventions and community participation, aiming to solve community level issues locally.

With total of 104412 camps held and total registration of 36915696 citizens till December 2021, Duare Sarkar is one of the world’s largest government outreach programmes. Conducted once in six months the objectives of Duare Sarkar are as follows:
1. To make government services accessible
2. To enhancement the livelihood of citizens and Community development in rural and urban areas.
3. To enhance people’s awareness and access to government benefits, thereby advancing towards a more inclusive society.
4. To benefit to the target group within the stipulated time.
5. To solve collective community issues
6. Bridging the gap between citizens and administration.
7. Empowering people
1. Camp at every remote area to reach doorstep of the household.
9. Service delivery to the beneficiaries within the stipulated time.